The importance of journaling

I know a lot of people recommend journaling as a way to move through things. To write things down to understand things better. I always got frustrated with that as I often wondered what good would this do if I was doing the writing and no one was given me any answers back. Now, I have realized that it gives yourself the opportunity to get to know yourself better. Journaling helps you to remove any judgements and allows you to be you. It helps to embody who you are. In a world like ours, we are constantly outside of ourselves trying to get somewhere. We often find ourselves doing a lot of things for other people and losing sight of what we truly want and desire. This takes us outside of ourselves. When we take the time to write freely, we begin to hear that voice inside of us telling us what we need to arrive at our very best. We begin to learn what is working for us or not. It than helps us to make steps forward to fulfill what we were meant to do. I also believe Journaling builds confidence because you begin to know who you are because you have taken the time to get to know yourself and when you get to this point of true knowingness there is nothing that will stop you. You just keep going. It becomes a visual aid for you to see into what has come before, what is happening in the moment, and where you are planning on going. It puts you right back on your path. This is a practice just like yoga, meditation, exercising or any other discipline. With practice, it only gets better. We keep doing it so we can achieve our personal best. I challenge you to 28 days of journaling and see how it goes. Within these 28 days if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask. It’s a journey worth doing. When you find yourself, you help others find their way too!!