The Bible

I remember thinking to myself that I should read the bible. That sounded like a really good idea. Than I looked at the “why” should I read the bible. Everything had a why. You ask enough times why, you will get an answer. Try it sometime. My why here is referencing the bible,why was I planning¬†On reading the bible because I wanted to be closer to God.? Now this is typical of many people seeking on a path. We are told that is one way to get closer to¬†God is religion. My religion growing up was Catholicism. Let me tell You the guilt I felt for not starting and finishing the bible. In the catholic school I attended, they encouraged you to read the bible and even received one at an early age. The pages were like tissue paper. So thin. I remembered feeling like if I was to rip one page I would be damned to hell. Yep guilt once again. The bible was filled with stories of Jesus, God, our father among his prophets and apostles and so forth. I was so confused on who was who. Now is God our father and than Jesus is ummm his son. So Jesus died on the cross but yet God was the almighty. Jesus came back to life and yet God gets all the prayers. Shouldn’t we pray to Jesus as he was magical. So confusing. I was confused my whole life and felt so disconnected. Who was I suppose to look to first. Who would be there. Religious people read these stories to get closer to God. This leads me to a lot of reflection as I think about books that I have read. Should I read the shining to get closer to Stephen king… No I read the stories to escape, to put my mind on vacation. Stories are stories and not what’s the closest to the truth. To seek for your God, divine and guru or spirituality you need to start where you can start. Remove the stories and get to the author. That author is you. To seek your spirituality it comes from within. It starts within your own truth. When we are lost or disassociated it’s because we have lived in the stories that were told to us. We created a book that was not our own. When you become the author of your own story you begin to live in a place of truth. You create your own ending. You make the connection to the divine. The answers all lie within. The story is waiting for to you to unravel. Ask yourself why enough times and you will find the truth. You are your own spirit, therefore you are your spirtuality.