Who You Are


Life has just handed you one blow after another. You are feeling lost in a dense forest.  You have this need to move forward but can’t move forward.  You realize that the forest you are in has turned into quick sand and your boots are ultimately stuck.  You can’t understand why your “pocket” that carries all your personal pride and possessions, including your finance, health, nutrition, relationships, career and emotions has ripped completely open and is now buried in your sand pit.  You stand there wondering, how can YOU get out of this?  How can YOU see the forest through the trees?  It feels dark and lonely.  As much as you try to climb out, you keep getting stuck back in.  But did you know, in a forest, you can scream for help and it will come?


When you ask for what you need, you are allowing people to help support you.  Sometimes, we feel so afraid that we don’t ask. Perhaps, this is because we are sensitive beings and we are often told to be stronger. We are afraid that we may get judged because we have always been compared, or we may not get the right answer because we listen to others instead of ourselves.  What if I told you, I can help you find your answer from within to get you unstuck, that the answers all lie within?  When you answer to these messages, you will begin to see all of your relationships get better, including the one with yourself, your partner, your career and your spirituality.


I can guide you through a transformation process that will uplift you out of this quick sand by seeing you for who you are, and removing your old boots by helping you change your patterns to new healthier patterns.  I will guide you to put on your new golden boots that will navigate you out of the dark forest onto a path to wherever you want to go!


The process that I will take you through is uniquely developed for you.  I am one that believes that no one is replaceable and everyone is imperfectly perfect.  There are no set rules except to be open and trust this unique process.  I will challenge you to see yourself in a different light.  I will bring you to a place of self-love and unconditional love.   I am here to guide your righteousness to the surface.  This process can take as long or as short as you want.  Through this process, I will teach you tools to help you navigate through your future sand pits and turn them into sand castles and see the forest for what it really is!  Why wait any longer,  Let’s start exploring your path today.