Monthly Archives: February 2015

Wanting and desire

We all want. We all have desires. Some believe that more wanting and desires causes more wanting and desires. Some believe it removes us from the moment and seeks us outwardly. But what if this wanting and desire wants to be fed? It is the feeling of truly telling us to move along our path. This wanting or desiring actually is the catalyst in teaching us to learn so that we can achieve our next steps on our path. It is our internal sensations or intuitions telling us to move forward. Like a domino falling to the next domino in a domino game. This desire doesn’t actually removes us from the moment but in reality it actually makes us feel abundant in the moment. Pushing the domino of life to the next one. And Seeing each moment as beauty. It allows us to open up and be expansive to what is and what is to come. This wanting and desire is key when it is not attached to materiality or others outcome but yet to our own true self. The voice inside is teaching us to move forward to live. We can absolutely live in the moment while still having desires and wants. These actions make our lives more fruitful when it is directed in the right manner. When we listen and respond to them we are seeing the true essence of ourselves. We than remove the good or bad or the right or wrong and succumb to what is because they are not perceived as mistakes but yet as learning. Life is about learning. What gets to learning is having wants and desires. So truly knowing what we desire and want moves us forward toward our own self love and freedom! So what are your wants and desires!