Dating myself

Never thought I would say this but I am dating myself right now while dating someone else. I get to see what it is like to be with myself and figure out what I need and what makes me happy. Space can be so healthy as long as this space is being utilized for good. I think it’s imperative from time to time to date yourself and reconnect. To see what desires lie beneath who you are. To see if you have been honoring yourself and still your truth. I often wonder how can someone that is married date themselves while they have the demands of children, a spouse, possibly a career , and so forth, but with proper communication, it is doable. When we lose that communication within ourselves it can be very traumatic. It can spiral out of control and effect every relationship we surround ourselves with. When we get to this point, we need the opportunity to reconnect. To fulfill our own desires. It takes a lot of courage to want this for yourself and to even to ask for it. Especially when the momentum in your relationship is going strong. In reality though, momentum picks up because you truly love yourself and when you love yourself the world is at a whole new vibrational pull. When we navigate away from ourselves is when we lose ourselves and that’s when anger, anxiety, depression and illness sets in. Space allows continued growth and connection inside of ourselves. Marriage and dating doesn’t have to be finite. You don’t have to lose yourself in order to find love. Love first starts at home. Home is where the heart is! Love is Inside of you!