Letting things settle

As people say and there is always a calm after the storm. I often wonder if we truly get to feel that. How can we feel the pleasantry of  the calm after the storm as our world around us keeps moving around us?   How can we get ourselves out of the shit show to find the ultimate calm? In a transformation, your spirit is longing for the calm, the quiet to be heard. As we  are working through our issues or navigating through the logical world the spirit is sitting in the back ground waiting to be heard but when we allow ourselves to get quiet and calm it gives the spirit and the human the ability to make the interconnection, the direct relationship between the two to merge. When The interconnectedness  has been separated, due to trauma that was endured in the past, it is ultimately the quiet that connects you to you!  The place where you are allowed to be you. The knowingness that resides within you. The TRUE you. We all have it, And it is never lost. As it may seem to be disconnected, it just take those moments of calm. Sometimes the reasons why we don’t find the calm is because we are trying so hard to get rid of the problem at hand. We become the doer of the worlds, instead of the allowers. It can be hard for some to let go of the control, but when we do that, to allow, we allow pathways to open up and for the universe and spirits to guide you. This happens when you create space with in yourself

How do we create space to let the dust settle?  Well… You start where you can start and meet yourself where you are at? What is the situation.  ?  When we deal with daily ups and downs we can even find the space we need to. Of course we need to allow ourselves the space. To know its ok to do so. Like going for a drive.
When we get interrupted in our space it takes time to get back in it. The great thing about this is that the times of today has us prepared that way. With the Internet and social media and the quickness of the world we are learning how to get back in the game. The now it’s a game changer. We have to change direction.  What we once focused on in the past in order to achieve the world we created by the use of technology creating a technology reveloution now we are being asked to begin the spiritual revelution. Our focus needs to be about find inner calm and peacefulness. To allow our spirits to be free.  The intention of the spirit was to be given the human vessel so it can navigate in this world. To be able to do what spirits could not  do. To bring the two together in perfect harmony. The time is drawing near and we are being asked to find this place within ourselves so we can have a world of love. The ultimate goal for many lifetimes. To let go of the beliefs that it is not possible. We humans created this. Our egos have driven this.  Our minds are beautiful substance that can do beautiful and amazing things. When we relinquish the creativeness in each of us we are taking one more step toward the spirit and human kind interconnection.
Settle in an enjoying the ride. When we hit that place of knowing that the time is right we are lead to the calm place where we can let te shift happen gracefully. To truly listen. It feels like  the water shaking off a dog. Letting the energy debris go and Allow for the shift to take place.