Monthly Archives: December 2014

Let Loving yourself be your guide today!?

This morning, I woke up, and I was laying in bed and said to myself, “What are the most loving things I can do today for myself? How can I love myself even more?” My eyes were closed, and just by saying that comment, it brought love to myself. Next, the words that came in was to allow and trust. This brought a big freeing breath in, and my heart expanded. It doesn’t matter what you do, whatever your choice is, make a choice that whatever you are doing is a loving choice for yourself. If you ask yourself, if it is a loving thing to do, and you get a no, you get a choice to go against nature or with it. When we go against nature, we are going against our truth in the moment, and therefore moving farther away from loving ourselves more. If it is something that won’t leave you feeling bad, then I say do it. If you can let go of the judgements around it, I say do it. Allow yourself to get to know yourself. You have control of your own self love. So today, ask yourself, what is the most loving thing you can do?