_AUG4577-Fav-smallThroughout my life, I feel I have been given great opportunities to learn through my transitions.  These transitions have given me the ability to have compassion and a deeper understanding of people.  While some people go through years of school to learn about how to relate to others during their transitional times, I learned from the best way possible–the school of life.  I have always been the person that people have turned to for advice, as they immediately know and sense that I am a person that they can trust.  As I listen to them and provide information to them, they can recognize the authenticity that comes from me.  I feel my life was a gift so I can learn to offer help up to others to empower them to move through their transitions.
My school of life includes being the youngest of 13, addictions, attachments, marriage, birth of a child, divorce, injuries, loss of a job, career change, weight gain and loss, siblings with cancer, grieving after suicide deaths, loss of a parent, and so forth.  Through each of these transformations, I have learned to empower myself and to learn from these situations.  In the end, I realized that learning to self-care for yourself, leads to empowering yourself to self-love, which leads to a greater appreciation for yourself and others.
When a client/individual comes to me, my process entails a “free-form” style in which begins with an intention setting.  I ask the client what they hope to achieve in the session today and where they would like to go in the future. I assess the individual to see if they are open to receiving any new information, or if they are able to give any new information.  If they are not open, I begin to help open the individual up with questions or statements that feel comfortable to them.  I read their body language and assess where they are at.  While they begin to express themselves, I listen for trigger words and watch their body language to understand underlying meanings.  I begin to express to the clients what I am hearing and feeling.
Next, depending on the issue at hand, I try to meet the client as to where they are currently at in their life.  Ultimately, I like to give a client a safe place to express, so that we can unravel the patterns that have formed and release them to start a healthier lifestyle.  I assess the client’s ability to take baby steps or big steps, and I formulate a personalized plan around that.  After we uncover what an individual needs, I offer up homework or focus points for the individual to work on.  This work could include recognizing behaviors, being more aware of the surroundings, letting go of things that aren’t serving them, noticing feelings surrounded by certain tasks, creating space, evaluating their life and the people in them, and so forth.  Each person is unique and I want to treat each client like that.
My passion and care for the client to move through life’s obstacles is my objective.  I want to help people build a life for themselves that gives them meaning and purpose.  When we can step in our truth, it allows others to step in their truths.  This happens when we empower ourselves and make the best choices that meet our needs.  For some, in order to move forward, support is needed because the tools to empower were never there.  My life experiences, which also include a culinary degree, accounting degree, and intuitive studies, have given me the tools to learn from my own experiences and empower myself.  Currently, I have helped people empower themselves and  continue to empower others by learning from their past choices–putting them back on their paths. Let me be the support that you need.