Judgements and letting go

It was presented to me yesterday with the comment that someone doesn’t understand homeless people and how they have a choice on what they are doing. To use drugs or not. To continue to put themselves in the worse case possible. I can’t speak for the homeless but can only see what I see and feel into my own perception. This perception I will share with you all. First… I am a firm believer that everyone is our mirror. Each person that comes into our life is a reflection of what is going on inside. What to look at, what to heal, and what to find love and joy from. If something comes up for you and in this case a negative feeling you have to ask yourself why is that. We have no control over what people do. BUT what WE do have control over is our perception and what we can do about that. I will talk more about that in a little bit. Second… We have no idea what that persons life was like or where there life is. We have know idea what kind of programming they have or what seeds of truth have planted inside of them. What is their blue print they are working with? They are where they are at. It’s foolish of us to expect them to change in an instance so we can feel more comfortable. Yes they are begging from us, they are surviving the best way possible for them. It is our choice to give or not when they beg. In that case feel from your heart and intuition and trust you do what you need to do. Once again we don’t have control of what they do but we have control over our own choice
Finally.. What we can do is recognize that this activates something inside of yourself. Ask what this judgement is about. Reach inside of yourself and find a way to let it go. You can offer up prayers or intentions to that other person. Instead of judging them, wish them well. Grant then a better life. You can do this in any way, from a distance or just an extension of your hand, hug or contribution. What they do with it is up to them. In that you get the opportunity to heal yourself. You release the judgement and look at others in a different light. When using this thought process you create an energy to that person of unconditional love. That alone can be forward movement for this person. We see this thought concept of hope and belief in many movies and fairy tales, for example, the movie elf when Santa’s sleigh wasn’t working and if the town has the Christmas spirit his sleigh will fly, or when Dorothy taps her red sleepers in Wizard of Oz and says no place like home and she goes home. Believing and setting good intentions out to others has so much power in it.
The practice in life..next time when there is judgement be aware of your own stuff. Look at it and offer up greatness for that other person and with that, quite possibly, it is allowing yourself to let go of something inside of you so you can allow more goodness to come inside you. Space is now created!